For more detailed and updated trail information, please check out our new CCFS forest trail map available in Cranbrook at these outlets:

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Signed trails include;

Kettle Lake Trail (Easy) Length .9 km - The trail starts at the Kettle Lake parking area.  This interpretative trail provides an easy walk around this lively area. Take the "guided tour"through the stations along the trail.

Viewpoint Trail (Moderate) Length 1.2 km - The trail starts opposite the Kettle Lake parking area.  A moderately steep hike up a north ridge to the rocky hilltop above the Four Lakes area  and then down the south face to connect with the Fence Line Trail near Four Lakes.

Fence Line Trail (Easy) Length 4.2km - Paralleling the range fence, this trail provides a wide corridor running north and south through stands of Douglas Fir, Western Larch and Pnderosa Pine just east of the lakes and meadows.  The trail starts at Mt. Baker Road in the south and connects with the Pipeline Trail in the north and Larch Trail near Four Lakes.

Pipeline Trail (Easy) Length 3 km - Following the natural gas pipeline, this trail is a wide north-south corridor along the west boundary of the Community Forest.  The trail starts at the Community Forest Road in the south and follows along a west slope predominantly Douglas Fir stands and connects with the Fence Line Trail in the north.  Both the College and Bench Trails connect to the Pipeline Trail in the south.

Juniper Lane Trail (Easy/Moderate) Length 1.6km - This section of trail extends from west of the Four Lakes parking area along a juniper covered north-south ridge, across the Community Forest Road and the fence line and terminates in the Kettle Lake parking area.

Larch Trail (Easy) Length 0.2km - A short section of trail connects the Juniper Lane/Roller Coaster Trails with the Four Lakes parking area and the Fence Line Trail.  The trail passes through a stand of Western Larch Trees.

Roller Coaster Trail (Easy/Moderate) 0.9km - This section of trail connects with the Larch and Juniper Trail in the north and the Pipeline, Bench, and College Trails in the south.  The trail traverses through rolling gullies and ridges with stands of Ponderosa Pine, Larch, and Douglas Fir. 

Hill Bypass Trail (Moderate) Length 1.5km - This section of trail connects with the View Point Trail on the southern slope of the viewpoint hill.  It provides an alternate route around the viewpoint hill by following a small gully to the east and connects with an old power line access road ending in the Kettle Lake parking area.  A short trail connects with the View Point Trail near the old power line road.

Skid Trail (Moderate) Length 0.5km - This short, steep section provides an alternate route to Kettle Lake on the lower protion of the HIll Bypass Trail (power line access road)  It also connects with the Axle Alley Trail.

Axle Alley Trail (Easy) Length 0.6km - This short trail on the Skid Trail near Kettle Lake and proceeds east along a wooded bench next to a long marsh area to the power line area.  This route can provide excellent wildlife viewing opportunities.

Migor Trail (Moderate) Length 2km - Beginning at the north end of Kettle Lake, the trail parallels a dry creek gully to the north west, crosses under the power line and traverses the north facing slopes of Douglas Fir, Larch and scattered Ponderosa Pine to the eastern boundary of the Community Forest.

Isadore Connector Trail (Moderate) 0.5km

Isadore Canyon Trail (Easy) 9.5km - A historic route following the abandoned CP Raidroad grade.  The trail starts at the parking area near the highway interchange on the east edge of the city and the north entrance to the Community Forest Road.  The trail follows east through Isadore Canyon to the Twin Lakes or Rampart area along Hwy 3

Bench Trails (Easy) - These unmarked trails provide level access throughout the bench area adjacent to the west boundary of the Community Forest and the natural pipeline.  Located on crown land these informal trails provide pleasant forest pathways to explore.

College Trails (Easy) - Originating at both the upper and lower parking area of the College of the Rockies these unmarked trails provide access to the Community Forest through the crown land between the College and the Community Forest.

Upper Coaster Trail (Moderate) 1.3km - Steep ascent from Kettle Lake which terminates with stunning views of the Rocky Mountains.