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Message From Forestry

The logging on gold5 is progressing pretty quickly now and they will probably be getting into the trails/parking lot area this week.  I will try to get a more specific day for you when we know more precisely when that will be so you can notify your members that they should not be using the upper parking lot (the loggers said they will probably barricade it so it should not be possible anyway) .  Also a reminder of the dangers of being around logging equipment and warning them again to stay away would be good.  Once they are in that area it should only be about a week before they have it all done.  They are moving pretty quickly.  I just talked to the logger and they will be closing off the upper parking lot as early as tonight. Can you please send a heads up to your members?  He also said they have signs on the north side of the block (along the power line)where trails come into the block and people are ignoring them and going right through the worksite which is quite dangerous.  If you could emphasize with members to obey the signs and avoid the logging area that would be great.  It should only be for 1-2 weeks max where they are active there. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to give me a shout. Thanks,
Roger Powell, RPFPractices Forester, BCTS  Cranbrook 250-426-1726 250-421-2150 (cell)
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