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Demonstration Forest Work

The thinning project is the Cranbrook Community Forest is almost complete only 4 hectares of the 48 hectares proposed still remain to be cut and skidded. The remaining

forest looks good, retention rates are from 114 to 195 stems per hectare which means we have a bit more than 150 trees per hectare left, a significant drop from the 3500

stems per hectare we started out with. The variability is determined by how many large suitable trees were on site; we do want to retain the largest trees as they have

the best chance of having a good root system that can resist wind blow over and can better grow in an open forest. The trees are clumpy to better withstand wind

pressure and provide a bit better habitat for wildlife. All roads and landings were built of ice which will greatly reduce any trace of them in spring after the harvest. The

trees on the landings were sold as sawlog and pulpwood, these trees are still being hauled off site. The very small trees are currently being ground up into hogfuel and

this fuel  has been sold to the Skookumchuck pulp mill were it is being burnt to warm the pulp boilers and generate electricity. The Cranbrook Community Forest Society

will walk the ground post harvest with the Trench Society to see what clean up is required. Just as a reminder please do not enter the forest where the logging and hauling crews are working. The loggers are working safely but they cannot always see walking people amongst the falling trees and machinery.

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